Making Compost Tea from Food Scraps

Compost Tea is very good as a plant’s nutrients. Most common compost tea use worm compost or compost pile as a kick-start for the tea. One other method is to use bio-fermented juice to decompose common food scraps.

We used Star Fruits in the farm. The rotten ones on the ground, we will used them in our dry compost pile.
For Bio-fertilizer juice, we always used nice clean and fresh ones from the tree. This is to avoid any contamination.

The Science

Natural microbes break down organic material into its basic components.


  1. An eco-friendly way to dispose of house food waste
  2. Great nutrients for the plants
  3. None toxic
  4. No rotten smell
Bio-fertilizer without the netting bag.
Once the Bi-fertilizer is ready, we removed all the solid. Put in the netting bag and ready for food scraps.

The Process

  1. Make your normal bio-fermented juice from fruits or vegetable
    1. Put 100 liters of water into 120-200 liters drum
      1. Drum should have outlet valve at the bottom
      2. Cover need not be airtight but should block flies and other insects from entering
    2. Completely dissolved 1-2 kg of brown sugar into the water
    3. Add 1-2 liters of EM (optional for faster fermentation)
    4. Add 3-5 kg of wasted chopped-up fruits or vegetable
    5. Let ferment for 7-15 days
    6. This is to make sure there are plenty beneficial microbes for the next step
  2. Make a netting bag to hold your food scraps and cover the top of the drum
    1. Netting bag will prevent the food from clogging the outlet valve
    2. Netting bag size should not reach the bottom of the drum, let 30 CM space
  3. The Compost Tea should be aerated to help the microbes grow.
    1. Add bubbles, get air pump and air stones.
  4. Put food scraps from your kitchen in the bag daily, always keep the drum covered
    1. Most food scraps completely dissolved in 2-3 weeks
    2. Animal bones take longer, but will eventually dissolved
    3. The smell should be of sour-smelling
    4. If you start to smell food rotten, add brown sugar half or one kilo at a time and wait a day to see that it is back to sour smelling.
    5. If your bag is filling up with food scraps too quickly, cook less. You are wasting good food.
That is not me! He is the friend who make all this possible. The idea is his and we just adapt it for our farm.

The Usage

This method is an on-going process. You can start using the juice after a week of first food scraps.

  1. Mixed 1:2 ratio with water for pouring on the soil 1-2 times a month.
  2. Mixed 1:5 ratio with water for spray-on leaves 1-2 times a week.

I have a friend who just put all fermented juice into a spray bottle and spray on his plants without any problems. Since these are live microbes, you should always spray in the evening.

Have fun growing!

To make life much easier, please get the drum that has a valve at the bottom, or make one.
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