It looks pretty nasty, but it actually not. Try not to look at it too much!
It does smell like wine! (If you did it correctly.)
One of the cook put in a new batch of food scrape. She can testified that it does not smell!

We will soon open a new section of the Farm Stay adding five more rooms, more people will be coming in. Definitely, we will have food waste no matter how hard we try not to.

Just to be a head of the game, we are adding bio-fertilizer compost bin to collect food waste next to the kitchen. I imagine that we will need more than a few barrels. Estimating filling in one barrel in about 1 month. Allowing 2 months to completely de-composted. Three barrels per locations, make nine barrels!

End product bio-fermented juice! Because we do not use molasses the juice is quite clear. We used Brown Sugar instead.
Bio-fertilizer juice without the netting for food scrape.
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